Typemagic infused metal

Searamount is a reddish brown metal created when the Great Vein of Surtur comes into contact with areas of strong arcane energy. Non-magical metal within 500' becomes infused with properties that make it more protective from fire. Priests of Arcana say that their god put this trait on the Great Vein as punishment for Surtur's attack on Imrik.

Any metal can be infused with searamount, such that blutium in the proximity of great magic and the Great Vein, would become searamount blutium.

An area with a lot of searamount is Arcanas Stakes. The cause of this is a deteriorating barrier built by the Stone Wardens. Named Arcanas Stake, this barrier was put in place to stop a lava river from filling a very productive gold mine.

Another area where metals become searamount is in Geledh. This subterranean complex is deep under Imrik. In the Lava Flood War, some wizards of the Å ukhan Legion searched for a way to stop the lava encroaching upon the holdings of Volgad. One of their experiments involved using a pick-axe called the Matter Penetrator to carve a chunk from the Cube of Arcane. They then submerged this in an underground lava river beneath Imrik. The outcome was what the wizards were looking for. Where the lava met the energies of a Sphere of Arcane, it was turned to water. Unfortunately, it was too late in the war to put the discovery to use, as Imrik fell to the fire giant army a day later.

Impervious to Firesearamount items are immune to fire
Fire Wardsearamount armor provides fire resistance 10