Lapis Ice

Typemagical ice
Sourcenatural - Ice Cap

Lapis ice is found deep under the vast glacial fields north of Cinazan, in a region called Ice Cap. Many people of that region use the stuff for weapons, decorations, and anything else they can find a use for it. Being hard as quartz, weapons made of it are often rough looking, but don’t let that fool you. The edges of lapis ice weapons are very sharp. This is a layered sharpness like the edges of broken glass stacked on top of each other.

Lapis Ice is a blue ice found naturally only under Ice Cap's glaciers. It is subjected to enormous pressure from the weight of the glacier above it, and infused with the rivulets of arcane energy that course through the region. The infusion of magic in this blue ice comes from the same magical energy coursing through all of Ice Cap, which in turn comes from magical emanations from the Cube of Arcane.

Lapis Ice is very difficult to procure. It is found at the very bottom of Ice Cap's glaciers. It is most reachable in areas where Ice Cap melts or by digging up to it from the Underdark.

The traces of magical energy and pressure on them cause the ice to compact and become as hard as a gemstone. Lapis Ice has proven very useful for making devices to hold magic, like the tips of rods, staffs, and wands.