Koil is a vine that grows among the earth motes floating between the sky-island Gindinâth and the deep Izen'nâth rift below it. This area of Kernsking is called the Kernsking Koils. The vines have an incredible tensile strength. The giants of Gindinâth were the first people to learn how to cure the vines and turn them into ropes of incredible strength and toughness. Koil rope has a hardness of 5 and 10 hit points per inch of thickness.

Some vines of this Kernsking Koils are so large that they were used to make Griddrir’s first skyships. The use of it as a building material for these flying ships ended after five years. It turned out these koil hulls rotted much quicker than hardwoods. It was unfortunate, because even though they are incredibly hard and super light, there just isn’t enough magical hardeners around to keep them from decaying.