Toth Rock

Sourceunnatural - Toth Coeus

Toth Rock is an unnatural rock formed from the explosion that created the canyon Toth Coeus. The rock of this canyon occasionally smokes, giving off a reddish hue that covers the area around it with an oil that is very slippery. This oil is used in the making of the perfume Toth Musk.

Toth Rock used in fortifications makes smooth walls very slippery (+15 DC to Climb checks). Normally, a layer of Toth Rock is placed on the outer defensive side of a wall, and a different stone is placed on the inside facing the defenders.

Toth Rock is not freely available, with the entire canyon owned by Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc and the resources within claimed by a company operating out of Tas'dvr Mout.

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