Mycorji Serum


Mycorji Serum is a drug that makes one go comatose whereupon the subject's healing rate increases greatly but with a very dangerous side effect. When the user is just about to come out of it, they are haunted by a demoniac visage of Zuggtmoy. This image in the mind has effects similar to the spell Phantasmal Killer, which is no surprise since the spell was created by a wizard who survived 22 uses of the drug. A week later, after writing the spell, the wizard died from his 23rd imbibing of Mycorji Serum.

Mycorji Serum's psychic killing aspect is a property of where it is made. It is made exclusively in the Fungal Vats of Pulax. In the Demon Spawn War, this area was under control of the abyssal lord Zuggtmoy and her demon legions. The demon alchemists of this area created many things with spores, fungi, and experimented with slimes, oozes, and puddings. Like spore weaponry, the Great Mold Boil Helm, and other spore-based armaments, Mycorji Serum in a product of the time when demons ran amok on Bal-Kriav.

Normal Dose
Effectcomatose for 2-5 hours healing 20 hit points per hour, 10% cumulative chance per hour of regenerating a limb, 20% chance per hour of restoring a drained ability score
Addiction Ratingnone
Ill Effectsat the end of the drug, Will DC15 save or die