Haelssysn Weave

TypeIlmanómë silk

Haelssysn Weave is a cloth-making process that uses a rare and difficult to get spider silk. The spider it comes from is a deadly abyssal spider called a Ilmanómë. Home to the Demon Web Pits, they are extremely tough arachnids, firing web strands that are nearly indestructible. The spider's own venom is used to dissolve it. The drow of Phaerssysn were the first people to make use of Ilmanómë's silk. The art of weaving this spider silk with cloth is called Haelssysn Weave; it is named after the drow house that invented the process.

Haelssysn Weave boosts the armor protection of robes, drench-coats and other full-body cloth. This protection is equivalent to that of studded leather; a +3 Armor Bonus. The market price of a drow-sized robe of this kind is 1,500 gps. In the city of Phaerssysn, the wealthy openly where Haelssysn Weave as a show of wealth.

Thaelssysn Weaved goods are very durable, having +5 on all saves, and affording someone with robes or cloaks with fire protection. When a Thaelssysn Weave item is made magical, the fire protection improves by a factor of 5 for every two pluses.



Armor BonusMarket Price
Thaelssysn Weave CloakDR 5750 gp
Thaelssysn Weave RobeDR 10+3 Armor Bonus1,500 gp
+3 Thaelssysn Weave RobeDR 25+6 (+3 armor bonus, +3 enchantment)36,000 gp
+5 Thaelssysn Weave RobeDR 35+8 (+3 armor bonus, +5 enchantment)64,000 gp
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