Hive Husk

Typeinsect husk
SourceHive Region
Armor Bonussee carapace armor

Hive husks are the remains of special classes of insects dwelling in the Hive region. These insects were first advanced upon by the Auhtai at research center in places like Seirsteutu and Tyn'calli. In labs, the Auhtai tried to advance certain insects, change their behaviors, or improve upon a certain aspect of them. These advancements led to the creation of the Hive Swarms, which would eventually bring down all of the Auhtai city-states of the Hive region.

In the Second Epoch, alchemists at Bithiemeth came up with a way of making use of all the hive husks scattered across Rônnahar and in the highlands separating Azrik with the insect plagued lands south of it. The stuff they created was of military application, funded by Ba'lith's special weapons division, resulting in hardening plates that could be used as shields. This was advanced upon, resulting in the creation of carapace armor.

When gimrune engineers created the Sonic Horns, Ba'lith had an abundant supply of husks for making armor.

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