Typewood, boreal
Hardness 8
Hit Points 180 hp
Resistance fire 10
Price 3x standard

Faryon is an evergreen wood found solely in the boreal forests of Eylami. It has the hardness of reinforced masonry and is highly resistant to fire. It is a stiff wood making it a poor choice for bowyers.

... with bases of twenty to thirty feet in diameter and branches strong enough to support the weight of a large earth giant, making them a noble and mighty gift from Silvanus to us mere mortals. The giants of Eylami build their stockades out of mature faryon trees, with the ancient ones either to hard to cut with local tools or reserved for use in a chieftain's hall. This timber makes these bastions as formidable as that of most stone fortresses. You would think that such a place would be wrecked with fire, but it takes decades for Faryon to dry out, so it is no good for burning, yet quite resistant to flaming oil or a wall of fire.

- Ararthand, the Nature Protectorate of Cinazan, excerpt from his book - "Forests of Cinazan"

The earth giants of Eylami control the flow of Faryon to local markets and to distant ports along the Dargirth. The wood has been used to built the inner supporting framework in towers and military structures as far as DrakhĂ´r.