Vine of Núlananya


Vine of Núlananya is a natural plant that grows through-out the forest Logor. The vines came about in the Demon Spawn War when Silvanus was forced to end the life of the treant Núlananya. This was done because of the Núlananya Rift which opened inside of the great trunk of the treant, thereby creating a inter-system link between the worlds Kriav and Bal-Kriav. When Silvanus was about to do the dirty work of ending Núlananya's existence, it is said that the treant coined the phrase "nature finds a way" - which for Núlananya this meant that even if dispatched, some part of him would live on. The part of him that lived on are the Vines of Núlananya. They were the roots that broke away from Núlananya as his life ebbed out. The roots have evolved since that time into fast-growing and very strong vines.

The Gimrune were the first to use Vines of Núlananya for practical purposes, using them to fashion armor, baskets, and even houses. The toughness and strength of the vines are such that they are equivalent to high quality iron. The vines live on even when taken from Logor and can pose a problem if taken into civilization since some carry a chaos taint that can make them turn into predatory monsters. Vine of Núlananya can be used to make armor that is self-repairing as long as a piece of it still remains. The vines must be guided into the desired shape, with armors using dummies to help in the shaping. Non-magical armor made with these vines can expose the wearer to great danger if they face off against someone who can control plants.