Decaying Fescue

SourceMelriths Hunger

Decaying Fescue is a brown colored grass powered by both Nature and Dark Nature energies. This unusual combination of two anti-thesis energies came about from the change that swept Melriths Hunger. It was nature's way of adapting to the conditions.

At a low level, Decaying Fescue is a coexistence of two anti-thesis energies. It could have been the start of the condition of Emeldimir. Three forests, each patched with stretches of verdant growth, yet surrounded by a sea of decay. It is like the forest is being managed. The fey keep enough alive so that it does not become another Melriths Hunger.

- Alloth Fingwell, satyr ranger before the Einglach Board of Inquiry - "Fauna Survey"

Decaying Fescue is used to make straight blades. They are as hard as steel, and both fireproof and rustproof. When deemed broken, their is a 50% chance that this means the weapon only needs to be straighten out. When enchanted, plant growth spells can be applied to give the weapon a more refined shape.