Abniosa'sty Armanments

Typeelemental energy forging

The process of making Abniosa'sty Armanments is very secretive, requiring pacts with elementals to even undertake. A lot of times the true power behind these pacts are primordials still bent on returning the multiverse back into the folds of Chaos. Once a deal is made between the enchanter and elemental, bottled elemental energy called Abniosa'sty is obtained. This energy is the same stuff that makes up the life force and energy type of a sacrificed elemental; usually fire, cold, water, or earth. The enchanter can then use Abniosa'sty to fortify armor and weapons. For armor, it gives the enchanter the ability to shape an element into crude form. The source varies but could come from a pile of hard stone, a basin of water, a stream of lava, or glacial ice. The crude block is then given to a blacksmith to cut and shape it as if it were iron. Abniosa'sty is equal in most respects to iron, hardness, durability, yet varies in weight based on the energy type:

Abniosa'sty Armor
Energy TypeEq. Iron Wt.Properties
Fire50%fire resistance 10, soul siphon
Cold50%cold resistance 10, soul siphon
Water150%5/- damage reduction, soul siphon
Earth200%+2 natural enchantment, soul siphon

Abniosa'sty weapons are forged the same as Abniosa'sty armor. Weapons acquire elemental damage as opposed to armor's elemental energy protection. The one drawback of both is that if a wearer dies while wearing armor, then they have a 1-4% chance of having their soul energy drawn into Chaos. This energy is then dissolved into its constituent parts, making it impossible to revive them outside of a wish or divine intervention. Weapons have this effect on those they strike down with a killing blow (5% chance/Fortitude DC20 + 2x weapon enchantment to resist).

Abniosa'sty Weapons
Energy TypeEq. Iron Wt.Properties
Fire50%+5 fire damage
Cold50%+5 cold damage
Water150%energy draining equal to the plus of the weapon, this acts as healing to the wielder
Earth200%+2 Reflex, +2 AC when parrying and fighting defensively
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