Fimbulwinter Gold

Typeprecious metal
SourceFimbulwinter (rare), Anzar (very rare)

Fimbulwinter Gold is a metal of the icy world Fimbulwinter. It was brought to the world Bal-Kriav with the opening of the Fjorstaki Rift (613 HE - present).

Fimbulwinter Gold is very similar to normal gold, except that in warm conditions, it takes on a bluish tint and is always slightly cooler than the air around it. In the jungles of Ma'Ohari and other hot and humid areas, the metal is much sought after for this cooling effect.

On the world of Bal-Kriav, Fimbulwinter Gold ore is found deep in the ice of the Anzar Glacier.

A Fimbulwinter Gold piece, or FG, is equal to three gold pieces.