Maniac Conduit


This fungi-based drug is made from powdered deep rocks and a common fungi found in the Underdark. Maniac Conduit was originally created to increase the productivity of slaves working in Gandûm-Thûr. It has now become a popular drug among the richer citizens of Paradomea, mercenaries, githyanki, and units seeking an edge, like the Doom Squads. The drug causes an increase in adrenaline in the creature imbibing - "providing alertness, clearer senses, and stamina".

Normal Dose
EffectHeightened Awareness/Stamina - +1 Perception, +1 Constitution for 2 hours
Addiction Rating+2 vs Fortitude after every three uses
Ill EffectsLong-term - shakes, loss of sensitivity resulting in a -1 dexterity per month of use

Consuming an entire tube of Maniac Conduit results in an "Adrenalin Surge".

Entire Vial - "Adrenalin Surge"
EffectProvides 10hps to the imbiber, +2 to attack, cumulating by +2 to attack each round for 4 rounds ( +2, +4, +6, +8)
Addiction Rating+6 vs Fortitude after each use
Ill Effects5% chance of causing the imbiber to unnaturally age one year