In 922, the dwarves of Umahanbad invented a process to create a non-magical armor called Elem-Guard. This forging process requires the use of black silver, which after tempered, is bathed in a very rare elemental cyst that boils, booms, smokes, and crackles from array of different energy types. After a while, the armor takes on a shimmering radiance which denotes that it has changed into what is generally called Elem-Guard.

Elem-Guard armor provides immunity to all energy attacks to the wearer and any creature within a 5' radius. The armor's anti-energy ward is nullified if any form of magic is within a 5' radius of the Elem-Guard protection. Thus the wearer cannot carry any magic item. The armor's special property is only effective for armor types covering 70% or more of the wearer's body - platemail or better.

The process of creating Elem-Guard is a closely guarded secret of Umahanbad and the Orchish Empire. The material can be purchased from the company Ilaruk Gongril or through certain black markets.

The production of Elem-Guard produces a toxic run-off sludge that is deadly to living things. Some unscrupulous groups, like Crimson Eye, have used this sludge to attack their enemies, committing environmental atrocities that can deaden a pond or pollute a water source.

Anti-Energy Ward energy resistance - immune to all, canceled out when a permanent magic is brought within 5' of the armorcontinuous