Widowmaker Silk is woven from the spinnerets of Pitch Runner spiders. These spiders are typically used as mounts or serve as guards for the more wealthy drow. Widowmaker Silk is typically used to craft bows and hand-crossbows. It is a time-consuming process to harvest the silk and craft such weapons, yet drow bowyer's take a particular pride in making widowmaker silk weapons. Widowmaker Silk has the strength of stone. Cloth armor woven with widowmaker silk provides an additional +1 armor bonus, so that a suit of Feyweave Widowmaker Silk Robe would provide a +2 armor bonus.

The drow pay near divine-status to even the lowliest of spiders, and yet they are not even impervious to the weakest of venoms.

- Bizan-Kûn, dwarf at Nesty's Slobbering Pub, Irakgunbil, "Drow Bashing"