Whiteblood Crystal

Sourcenatural - Whiteblood

Whiteblood Crystal is found only in the upper reaches of Whiteblood mountain. It is a hard stone, equal in strength to iron for durability and hardness. Unlike iron, it does not hold a edge. Similar to Whiteblood mountain, it glows when conditions were right. The conditions for this vary on the end product - whiteblood crystal hammer, maces, and rods glowing a darker red with each blood drawing hit, shields getting red glowing blotches each time they are struck, and the edges of a whiteblood crystal door glowing briefly when slammed shut.

In the Siguzilbak Wars, many flocked to Gibil-Nâru's mercenary armies. They wanted to be part of the storied units, the Whiteblood Legions and their red glowing weapons. Many tales of the crystal were spread, one saying it was the cooled fragments of the star Khâls Forge, cut-away in the Creation War to heat Covenant godforges.

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