Null Energy

Sehanine with a Sphere of Annihilation

Sometimes mistaken as an anti-matter energy, null energy is actually worse. It is the anti-thesis of all energy types. It was first used with the creation of null mines by the primordials. They used them to create rifts between the systems.

The effect of the spell disintegration comes from null energy. Then followed its use in the development of the first Sphere of Annihilation. Without pity, the archangel Sehanine used her new creation to wipe out hundreds of demons, with them sucked into a pocket of null energy and blown out of existence,

Nothing escapes these terrible Spheres of Annihilation, not even soul energy. Not baleful by creation, but use of against living beings, no matter their beliefs, should be outlawed. Even the most despicable deserves a chance of redemption and fair trial.

- Phalgas, in the Hall of Edicts, proceedings on the Law of Annihilation - "Annihilation Without Trial"

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