Carapace Armor

Type 5A - Hive Queen
CategoryExotic Armor
Typehide armor
Armor Bonus
Swarmer+1 natural enchantment
Thinker+3 natural enchantment
Controller+5 natural enchantment
Queen+7 natural enchantment

Carapace armor is woven from Hive Husks. These are husks of various types of advanced or sentient insects dwelling in the Hive region.

Carapace armor is treated as a hide armor with respect to arcane spell failure and hardness. Its armor bonus varies based on what class of insect it came from - swarm, thinker, controller or queen.

The manufacturing process involves treating the hive husks with Urgunn sap and then shaping the plates to form a suit of armor. This is a labor intensive process involving the use of separators and strings to stretch the armor and hold it into shape while it is naturally cooked under the rays of Khâls Forge. After several weeks of drying, approximately 65% of the time, a strong suit of armor is produced. The other times, the armor just does not set, so it becomes brittle, nearly breaking apart into fine dust with the touch.

Ba'lith is the main producer of this type of armor.

Carapace Armor Traits

Weak to Firecarapace armor makes item saving throws versus fire at -4