Anûkh'grush Crystal

Sourcenatural - Anûkh'grush

Anûkh'grush Crystals were common during the reign of the First Khazarkar Empire. Many building of Mannakhôr were adorned with it. The Khazarkar employed Tragaran slaves to mine the Anûkh'grush mountains in conditions that they were often brutal to those handling the rock. This is because raw Anûkh'grush Crystals is as sharp as glass. Once taken from the mines it is often placed it is passed through sand to dull the edges. When reduced to powder, Anûkh'grush Crystal have been used an an ingredient for making sharpness and vorpal weapons.

In the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), the Khazarkar along with most other people of Gulimbor fled the mainland. The mines were abandoned and what could not be stripped from Mannakhôr were left behind. Today, Anûkh'grush Crystals are quite rare since the only source of them is the Anûkh'grush mountains. The old crystal mines hold all manner of magical terrors and aberrations created by the passing of the Cataclysm's magical storms. Some of the arcane energy that coursed through the area was infused in the crystals, making them reservoirs of arcane energy and even leading to the creation of crystal status and crystal golems that were formed out of raw magical energy rather that the doings of some mage. The Anûkh'grush Crystals found outside of the mines in far away places is 700+ year old, making it very valuable to collectors.