Spire Citadels of the Giff League
SourceMarragh, Krarkauk

This deep purple metal is found in abundance on the planet Marragh. On Bal-Kriav, it has only be found inside Krarkauk. This metal, though found naturally on Marragh, is unnatural to Bal-Kriav. It is only on this realm because of the primordial machinations in what became known as the Great Pull.

Jurungen has the same properties as earthmotes. On Marragh, it is a tightly controlled resource of the Giff League. Their mines are heavily guarded by garrisons stationed in Spire Citadels. These floating pinnacles of rock are raised from the ground by vast quantities of jurungen.

Until the Third Epoch, the Giff Leaque prohibited the sale of this metal to any empire; and on several occasions, attacked their closest allies, the Deep Six, to recover lost or stolen supplies of jurungen. The giff government claimed that the use of the metal by enemy nations would give them a superior military advantage to nations without it. The black market resulted in such widespread sale of the material that in the Year 1551, the Giff League removed this export restriction.

Giff League sky and voidships, such as the giff platform, are built with jurungen.

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