Sourcenatural - Grern

Tashmar is a rare elm tree found exclusively in Grern. In the Horgon Era, the trees of this forest were tainted when a feywild fuse turned into a rift and then began spilling salty water off the top of the Iringrith mesa. This caused the trees of the forest to change and gave some like the elm trees, new properties.

Tashmar is used in the fabrication of one of the favorite weapons of the Jara - the torque bow. The benefits of this item can only be realized in high-tension weapons, such as catapults, ballista, giant-sized bows, and the torque bow. To these items, the strength and durability of the item are three times normal wood and they much more readily take magic than most other types of woods. This results in a 20% reduction to the cost of making torque elm items.