SourceChaos, Rukhs, Zurukthûr

Vumort is very hard metal found mostly in the volcanic regions of Chaos. It is red and black striated and superb for making heavy armor, shields, maces, hammers and other blunt force items. It is hard to work and does not hold a edge. Vumort is only found in two places on Bal-Kriav. It came to this world when the primordial Ingu'lumin opened his second rift between the world Bal-Kriav and Chaos. The volcano Gunul-Birum emerged from this rift and wasted the land around it. When the rift collapsed, it left the bleak life-draining desert the Mîmêk named the Rukhs and the great sinkhole Zurukthûr. Both of these areas have Vumort, with the latter having rich veins of this entropic metal.

Armor made of Vumort provides a +2 natural enhancement bonus, so that a Vumort breastplate would give a +9 armor bonus. Magic weapons made with Vumort gain the minor property entropic damage. This causes an additional 1-4 hit points of damage to lawful aligned creatures. Magic armor made of Vumort affords damage reduction 2/Law.