Styx Granite

Sourcetainting by the river Styx

Styx Granite is granite of Bal-Kriav that has been infused with chaotic energies from lying in this realm's waters after they have mixed with those of the river Styx. On Bal-Kriav, the Styx periodically appears in the Maitimírë lake. This fountain of water is the rift Styx Fountain. Several rivulets of the Styx also pass through the ancient vault Gamazûd.

This stone has properties of gloom and chaos, which make it useful for building temples or other structures dedicated to entropy. Various races of Drarthiel have been mining this stone since the Second Epoch, using it the constructing of great temples, strategic towers and palaces in Ugidreth, Mogdúlg, and Yastorogg.

A building made of Styx Granite can have a number of different properties, some of the properties are:

Properties of Styx Granite
Styx Granite of GamazûdGamazûd radiates corruption, any liquid brought within 10’ of it must make a save (Fortitude DC16, use the higher of possessor’s save or casting level of the item) or suffer contamination as it boils and smokes, turning glassy black. This will make potions non-magical, water undrinkable, and turn alcohols and other liquids bad.
Styx Granite of GravestoneUgidrethradiates despair and woe, -2 penalty on will saves for all within 100'
Styx Granite of MogdúlgMogdúlgradiates chaos, enhances chaotic creatures within 1000' - +2 saves, +10% hit points
Styx Granite of YastoroggYastoroggradiates pure evil, enhances evil magic (+2 DC within 100')