Krephus Plate

Armor Bonus+2 natural enchantment

Krephus Plate is a slice of petrified skin taken from the primordial Krephus. This stuff is lightweight, hard as lava stone, and very rare. Skilled armor and weapon makers of Ice Cap and the Underdark region Badmaer have used Krephus Plates to make fantastic items. When Isan-Kun secured the Krephus Passage, access to this resource was made near impossible. This is because Vogelak's deep gnomes see the Krephus Passage, and the part of it containing the remains of Krephus as something sacred. Sometimes so called poaching of Krephus's petrified remains happens, or enterprising miners find a way to dig into it from the side and cut out a few slices. If caught doing either, victims suffer a terrible fate in Isan-Kun with them usually ending up in the gut of a purple worm.

Weapons and armor made of Krephus Plate are treated as iron for strength and durability, but with a weight of only half the equivalent amount of iron. In addition, armor forged of Krephus plate has a +2 natural enchantment armor bonus.