Firebrand Surturs Toothpick

AliasSurturs Toothpick

Firebrand is type of tree found solely in Anubeth. The locals, mostly followers of Surtur, refer to them as Surturs Toothpicks. Firebrand has an onyx color that glistens like a well-polished gemstone when wet. It is an unnatural wood that only began to grow a few years after the activation of the Pumice Throne. The first saplings rose in the rich volcanic soils of Rafthurgar.

Firebrand is unaffected by fire which makes it a very useful material for the fiery landscape around it. Unless fortified with magic or still living, firebrand exposed to extreme cold will begin to rapidly rot, becoming useless after 1-4 days. This vulnerability to cold is said to be a magical curse put upon it by the sentience residing in the Glacial Throne.

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