Ragnorak is a potent and addictive drug. It is made by exposing ragnorak fungi to sunlight where it is dried out, producing a fine dust. It takes approximately three weeks for it to rot and form into the drug Ragnorak.

The powder is then mixed with a liquid. The addicts call it "Ballistic". The drug affects the testosterone levels of the user, their sense of awareness, and makes them prone to violence. The doses have a accumulating effect that can result in addiction and permanent mental damage to the victim or death. The pleasure of the drug comes from its feeling of invulnerability and ecstasy when engaged in high-tension situations - gambling, fighting, love-making.

The major producers of Ragnorak keep the drug price low. Crimson Eye and the Orchish Empire keep prices down so the poorest of creatures can purchase it. Its use has spread to nearly every major city in the realm. The import of Ragnorak has been banned in some areas due to it high addiction rate. In times of war, armies seem get around these restrictions.

Fungi Form

Ragorank radiates a fruity grape smell. In darkness, it glows a light purple. Once it is exposed to sunlight, it dries into a fine powder.

Powder Form

Anyone breathing the fine dust will cough, choke, and gag. A handful thrown in the face of someone requires a Fortitude (DC15) save or they are drained of 2-8 constitution points.

Liquid Form

When mixed with a liquid it adds a noticeable purple tint.

Addiction Rating

Ragnorak has a very high addiction rate. As with any chemical addictions, a cure disease will end dependence on the drug.

If the creature is addicted, there is a 5% chance per hour of non-use that the creature will seek out the drug, or use it if they have a supply. Failure to acquire the drug results in the creature entering a state equal to dose 3 of the drug. The addict will make all attempts to acquire the drug.

Consumption Effects

When consumed in liquid form it stains the user's mouth a light purple with dark purple splotches. The user immediately feels the effects. Consuming an entire vial (3 doses) required a Fortitude DC13 check. Failure results in cardiac rest. Death will result in 1-3 rounds unless a cure serious wounds or greater spell is used on the victim. Electrical stimulation has a 35% chance of reviving the creature. CPR has a 15% chance of reviving the creature.

Effect - Dose 1
Addiction RatingLow
Duration1-3 hours
Effects+20% hit points, +1 to strength, +2 movement, and +1 to AC

If taken within 24 hours of dose 1, then dose 2 effects are experienced.

Effect - Dose 2
Addiction RatingHigh
Duration1-2 hours
Effects+10% hit points, +1 constitution, +1 movement, and -2 to dex
  • 3% chance of contracting a permanent insanity
  • 10% chance of permanent brain damage, loss of 1 point of intelligence

Ragnorak consumption during the effects of dose 2, results in dose 3 effects.

Effect - Dose 3
Addiction RatingVicious
Duration1-2 turns
Effects+50% hit point and -2 to all abilities
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