Demiurgic Iron

Typetainted iron
SourceRah Burdah, Sotiisk'lum

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), two destined to become gods, created a terrible monster called hecatoncheires. To build this colossal creature, Ares and TarĂ¢k constructed massive scaffolding towers. When the hecatoncheires was given life, it shattered these iron towers, spraying Sotiisk'lum and Rah Burdah with shards of smoking and mottled green iron. Wherever these pieces landed, they sunk deep into the earth. This iron, tainted from the birth of such a fell creature, came to be called Demiurgic Iron.

Demiurgic iron is mottled green and resonates with an ancient dark power. This metal is impervious to fire and corrosion. It adds a +3 natural enchantment bonus to gear crafted with it. It also provides a +1 divine bonus to all saving throws. Magical armor crafted with it provides DR5/+3. Magical rods, staffs, and wands crafted of demiurgic iron have a +2 difficulty check versus their powers.