Mechanus Links Law Blocks

AliasLaw Blocks
FocusNegative Entropy
SourceGûn, Mechanus

Mechanus Links are stones native to Mechanus. When taken to another system they carry traces of Negative Entropy with them. In large enough quantity and concentrations, like in the building of a tower or bastion, they provide a Negative Entropy focus. This provides any lawfully aligned creature within one hundred yards one Smite Chaos attack every seven hours.

On Bal-Kriav, Mechanus Links have only been found at Gûn. In the God Era, forces of the Quara'tun Covenant brought massive quantities of this stone to this volcano where it was used to build great fortifications. Most of these deposits are owned by the Maharâg.

Focus Effect

Smite Chaosbuildings, towers, walls constructed with Mechanus Links, emanate a field of negative entropy out to 300'. This affords the lawfully aligned with 1 Smite Chaos attack every seven hours.
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