Green Bone

Sourcegood fey creatures

Before she became a demi-lich, Diedriss (c.f. Decay Conclave) took an unusual interest in experimenting on good fey creatures. She sought to use parts of them to make her magic more powerful. She wrote a book telling of what parts of good fey will serve as spell components. One of the more powerful things she learned to create from good fey are Green Bones.

Bones taken from good fey creatures and then infused with dark magic become green bones. Only evil druids can make green bones. The ritual to make them requires a successful DC25 and 150gp worth of components. Even with a successful casting, it is difficult to make a green bone. The chance is 15% + 1% per level of the caster. One skeleton will yield 1-4 green bones.

Green Bones are used in other rituals to corrupt the living, magic items, areas, and to power other more powerful rituals. An evil druid can empower spells when they have green bones on their person. This adds +1 DC to their spells - this is not cumulative for each green bone. The green bone is not expended when used to empower an evil druid's spells.

If blessed by a non-evil druid, they can be used a missile weapon. When thrown the green bone will explode on impact as a entanglement spell (as if cast at 20th level). They can also be used to empower druidic spells. This gives the spell at +3 DC bonus. In either case, the green bone is expended.