Crown of Arcana

CommissionedDawn Era

The Crown of Arcana is a voidship created in the Dawn Era. It was built during the Creation War by Arcana. This ship is shaped like a crown with an inner sphere 100' in diameter with four fighting platforms surrounded by an outer ring of five 40' diameter spheres. The ship has two planes of gravity - one for the upper level and one for the lower level. This comes into play any time someone is in contact with the ship's deck. Those in the upper level will be upside down than those on the upper deck. This makes the ship particularly effective when attacking other vessels because it cannot be approached from beneath without facing the same types of defenses as are on the top. This dual plane of gravity has never been reproduced, making it a unique feature of the Crown of Arcana.

The Crown of Arcana has a artifurnace, which means it is powered by putting an artifact in it. Most of the superstructure of this ship is comprised of earth motes. One of the ship's defenses is a divine blessing that functions as a combination permanent hallow spell and bless spell.

When the gods left the Mortal Systems, the Crown of Arcana was hidden away somewhere on Bal-Kriav.