Matter Penetrator Umân Yônul

CategoryArtifacts, Maces
Typeartifact, epic, pick-axe
AliasUmân Yônul
ForgeDališar Cauldron
EnchanterNaraz-Nâru, Arcana

Matter Penetrator is a simple-looking pick-axe with a gnarled wood haft and pitted metal head. The gnarled wood haft is an unknown type of wood found nowhere on Bal-Kriav. The metal axe-head is composed of Demiurgic Iron. During its forging, the metal was immersed in the blood of Nakh-Zennîm, thereby pitting the head and opening a way to imbue the item with great magic.

Matter Penetrator is a +6 ghost touch thundering sonic blast pick-axe. Forged inside the gut of Dališar, it was crafted by Naraz-Nâru when he was still an archangel. The also then archangel Arcana helped with the enchantments.

In the Dawn Era, Naraz-Nâru used this weapon and two other artifacts to destroy the Entropy Arch at Piranoth Cyst. The destruction of the Arch tainted the weapon with the property Entropic Corruption. In the First Epoch, Volgad wizards of the Šukhan Legion used the pick-axe to a cut a piece out of the Cube of Arcane. When they did this, the weapon was imbued with the property Cube Taint.

Matter Penetrator is part of a group of artifacts that when brought together become a legendary artifact called Sig Mak Gan.

Unrelenting Force inanimate material and magical effects struck are treated as zero hardness and take 10d12 damage. Against magical walls and barriers it has a dispelling effect equal to a 20th level caster. Against a prismatic sphere or wall, it can overcome each layer if the dispelling check succeeds, but only 1 layer can be taken down per round1/round
Heel of Geb slamming on the ground causes a shock-wave to emanate outward to 40' radius, inflicting 10d10 force damage (Fort DC35 for half damage) to enemies and produces a knock-back effect 1/day
Dališar's Stance the wielder cannot be moved by any force or magic continuous
Hit All the pick-axe hits with a force effect, which makes it a ghost touch weapon. It also has a 50% chance to ignore any displacement effect when it hitscontinuous
Ancient Metal as a property of demiurgic iron, it provides a +1 divine bonus on all saving throwscontinuous
Entropic Corruption any time a natural 20 is rolled with the weapon, there is a 20% chance the weapon vanishes for 1-12 hours, after that time it reappears at the owner's sidecontinuous
Angelic Wings grow wings and fly like a solar2/day
Cube Taint any time a natural 1 is rolled with the weapon, a random magic item within 40' must make a Fortitude DC28 or be drained of magiccontinuous

A knock-back effect occurs when the Matter Penetrator power Heel of Geb is used. A failed save (Reflex DC30) causes the enemy to fly backward 1d4 x 10'. There is a 50% chance that when they land or hit an object that they will be knocked prone.