Hofthorm Plate

Typebattle plate
Locationnormally Borngring

The first suit of this type of armor was made in the Dawn Era. It was forged and magicked by the primordial lord Surtur and then given as a gift to his mortal champion Hofthorm. This fire giant hero survived the Creation War. In the God Era, another great war began. In this world spanning conflict, Hofthorm was sometimes fighting with Covenant forces against a demon invasion that became known as the Demon Spawn War. Hofthorm was killed at Kodgroar while personally trying to take down the demon prince Baphomet. His armor and other gear were taken as booty and thought to have been lost, perhaps even taken back to the Abyss. In 108 HE, a fire giant ranger named Kelksorli found the lair of an aging red dragon named Diist'yol Dein. This dragon was ancient, and claimed to have been of a line of dragons that dutifully served as mounts for Sutur's fire giants as far back as the Creation War. Up until that time, the legend of the hero Hofthorm along with the tale of the fire giants battling angels and upstart gods in the Creation War and then demons in the Demon Spawn War was largely forgotten by Borngring's fire giants. Kelksorli's quick rise to glory and unification of Borngring's fire giants under one banner are thought to have been inspired by Diist'yol Dein's words.

Hofthorm Plate was primarily developed to protect and possibly heal its wearer from cold-based attacks like iceballs, ice storm, and the natural bitter cold of Ice Cap and high mountain elevations. The suit worn by the fire giant hero Hofthorm was +5, but most others range in value from +2 to +4.

Frost Embrace half damage from cold attacks, if a save is made against the attack then no damage is taken with the cold damage acting as healing up the wearer's maximum hit points, immune to natural cold continuous
Flame Essence wearer immune to fire damage continuous
Fire Blade form a blade of fire from a nearby hot source of flame, duration is 1 melee round per level of the wielder, this weapon is a flaming sword equal to the enchantment plus of the armor 3/day
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