RegionCinazan, Faeglor
DarmaerRiwthorHarknori Reach

Knis-Leir, or the "Blue Peak", is the southernmost volcano of Borngring. An active volcano, its eruptions spew into the wastes of Hlaeust. Spewing more than just lava, it is a source of gems and blutium. Scavengers are quite common on the slopes of the volcano and across Hlaeust. The fire giants claim that much of the interior of Knis-Leir is made of this much sought after metal. They say the lava tubes beneath and inside the peak are made of blutium, the workmanship of Surtur and ten fire giant legions. Beyond such legends, the area has been home to fire giants and other fiery brutes since the Horgon Era. The Hofthorm Monarchy (145 HE - 101) founded Kamveig to secure the area's blutium. After that came the Thjollod Monarchy and then the merchant houses of the Gangvori Syndicate.

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