Groi Heim

CategoryCrack Units
RegionAzurâg, Malurn
Fire Giant10%
Alignmentlawful evil
DeitiesBaalzebul, Surtur
Symbolflaming hammer

The Groi Heim army was formed in the Creation War. It was led by Surtur when he served under the primordials as one of the leaders assigned to destroying Nawirrûs Covenant forces on Bal-Kriav. When Sutur switched sides, after signing the Felakgathar Contract, the army turned to fighting the demons in the Demon Spawn War and keeping a watch over the regions Azurâg and Malurn. These areas needed watching for lingering primordial influence and making sure that any imprisoned or trapped primordial minions do not get out. Even today, thousands of years later, the Groi Heim army still carries out its task of warding these two regions.

Most of the salamanders, fire giants and Fyrreid of Azurâg and Malurn are descendants of those who served in the Groi Heim.

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