Hlimi Kingdoms

RegionBadmaer, Cinazan, Faeglor, Ice Cap
DarmaerAetteinRiwthor Frellrar

On 6 Bloom 101, King Hlimi, ruler of the Hofthorm Monarchy (145 HE - 101) died. With no clear line of succession, the kingdom was split up among his five sons, the Princes of Hlimi. The term Hlimi Kingdoms came to be used for the petty states home to Borngring, the highlands of Steirgar and the dark reaches beneath. Most people of these kingdoms are a proud people, fond of the legendary tales of fire giant heroes of the time of the Hofthorm Monarchy all the way back the legions that served under Surtur in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). In more recent times, other heroes, non fire-giants, have entered the taverns of ancient halls and told in the Great Bathhouses of Yrngreirn.

In the Cinazan Front, the kingdoms of Thjollod and Xornsnous joined the Flux Pact, making war with the Khazarkar Empire. In the Armânuk Campaign of 1830, the Flux Pact suffered a major defeat at the Battle of Armânuk. The Thjollods lost many of their leaders. Those lost at the front, were matched by a coordinated assassination of potential satraps. Gangvori and Saerthjar, not a party to the Flux Pact, and no friend to the Conclave of Malardan, by force carved up the holdings of Thjollod, effectively ending the kingdom.

XornsnousEsgal Hof
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