PortDistance toPort
Phazgamir25 milesInzilêth
Inzilêth150 milesBenâth
Benâth135 milesCore Sea
South to North Ports of Call
RegionGrashakh, Cinazan
MapAlarthand River

Alarthand flows north from the highlands of Grashakh and empties into the Core Sea. It begins deep in Ugradrath and flows a north-easterly course. Where the river meets the Core Sea, are two enemy cities that watch each others movements. The western city is Moglúr, home of the Fothakith, and to the east is Aphalê, naval base of Rûnê.

Two great empires watch each other from the opposite banks of this fast-moving waterway. The Orchish Empire, having secured lands to the Core Sea (c.f. Core Offensive), has quickly expanded their holdings and constructed many formidable fortifications along the northern part of the river. On the northern side of Alarthand are the lands of the Khazarkar Empire, while those opposite are the lands of the Orchish Empire. Along Alarthand, the two antagonists have chains of massive castles and forts which frequently suffer cannon bombardments (c.f. Inzilêth) from their opposites.