Thurnâtha Kerthjorg

frost giant
RegionIce Cap, Cinazan
MapThurnâtha Mountains

East of Steirgar and north of Sahânzar is a vast mountain range the giants named Kerthjorg. In the Second Epoch, as part of their policy of cultural dominance, it was renamed Thurnâtha by the Khazarkar Empire.

These very high mountains stretch from Cinazan into Ice Cap. Thurnâtha forms the southern wall of a massive glacial region called Khalas. Some call the peaks the Storm Steps; in reference to the powerful storms that roll down from the cloud masked peaks and across the stepped plateaus. The greatest concentration of waterfalls are found in these highlands.

Thurnâtha is home to many giants and dragons. There are storm giants dwelling in the highest peaks. Many answer to one of the Storm Lords. These storm giant lords live in colossal castles. In the Horgon Era, they were feudal lords under the Aslauthroa empire.

Lower in the mountains are the keeps and lairs of frost, stone and hill giants. These hill giants are cousins to the more sophisticated earth giants of Eylami. The frost giants have lived in these mountains longer than any other people of the region. They were stationed here in the Creation War and then left behind when Thyrm was banished.

There are several glaciers in this mountain range. The southernmost is Idgri. Evidence of frequent fighting among the giants and other creatures can be seen from the numerous ruins that dot Thurnâtha.

In the Cinazan Front, a section of these mountains was ripped from the surface and elevated upwards. This was caused when an Entropy Arch was opened inside Sapthiladân. These floating mountains are called Skyldr-Kerthjorg.

Notable Areas