Crimson Nails

RegionLands of Purity

In the God Era, the goblins of the deep evergreens of Slafknara were duped into forsaking Tarâk and pledging their allegiance to Orcus. When the demons were defeated in the Demon Spawn War, the goblin priests were left without any source for granting their priestly spells.

It is said they beseech-ed their old master, even sacrificing several hundred prisoners at once, tossing them screaming to their doom, as they fell end over end into the deeps of what they call the Belly of Tarâk.

- Suitrix, 2nd Tier of the 3rd Order of the Palm of Atlas - "Goblin History of Angjald"

Obviously feeling portrayed, Tarâk made them work for his divine blessing. After several years of ritualistic praying and sacrifice Tarâk returned to them and told them he would take them back, but they must give up part of themselves and become one with the earth and the darkness. The goblins were convinced to take this path by their priests, with those objecting being thrown as sacrifice into the Belly of Tarâk.

Tarâk's one with earth and the darkness resulted in the goblins growing large and extremely strong claws - smaller versions of those possessed by umber hulks. They also became more at home in the absolute darkness of the Underdark. Today, they dwell in the deep areas of the Belly of Tarâk and into Onvorn.