Bileddanul Slayer

Typethrowing axe, Cairn Scythe
SmithKizûr Izanarg
EnchanterBind Gilân

This throwing axe was forged to aid the dwarves battling Bileddanul's hill giants. The enchanter, secretly a follower of Tarâk, sought revenge against the giants that killed his mother and younger brother. His special enchantment made it so that any critical hit resulted in the weapon's enchantment becoming stronger. On a critical hit against a giant, the enchantment was twisted by Tarâks Blessing which can result in their death and consumption of their soul. The hapless giant's soul is sucked into the axe which then acts a direct conduit to Tarâk. This enchantment also results in the creation of a basic +1 throwing axe.

The Bileddanul Slayer is a +2 throwing axe that acts as a weapon of giant slaying on a critical hit.

Weave Surge using the mysteries of the Weave, on a natural "20", the weapon's enchantment increases by +1 until it reaches +5 whereupon it resets to +2continuous
Tarâks Blessing on a critical hit against a giant, it acts a weapon of giant slaying, if the giant fails a Fortitude DC25 save then it is killed with its soul sucked into the axe and shunted off to Tarâk where it forever destroyed without a divine wish. This also results in the creation of a basic +1 throwing axe with no other special properties continuous