Class23rd wizard
RaceKriavfahliil (Ghost)
Headmaster of Dy'tzor Goulmor1815 - present
Councilor of Crimson Eye1788 - 1805
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born3 Kindle 1434
Died29 Bloom 1805
Undead29 Saunas 1805

Zaris, government agent of the Ithengee Monarchy, was part of an elaborate scheme to destabilize the Orchish Empire. The idea was nothing new, infiltrate a population then work on sowing dissension. In 1771, five years into the mission, Zaris was caught, charged as a political agitator, sent to do time in a penal battalion.

9.6.1771: The Orchish Empire, particularly her "advanced orcs", the Githirmil, follow a codex of laws that would dumbfound the Orc people. We were taught that the Githirmil were once plain orcs, but I sense something more about their society. They have unwritten directives, gospel, that come from their Ageless Emperor - unwritten so as not to agitate the master's master, his old boss Maeraddyth ...

9.8.1771: The Emperor's first directive is to follow the laws. It is one of the nightly choruses that we must take part in, "The collective wisdom of history's greatest civilizations, their laws, our laws, will rise up." It was confusing to most, but I could tell it was a method of the empire's indoctrination.

4.12.1772:They have sinister facades on their frontier strongholds - strangely similar to what the orcs do near us. I can only wonder if they are regressing like the Sussgurd.

A lot of pomp, banners, flags, war chants, and a subtle, yet healthy dose of the Emperor's Gospel.

10.5.1774:I find it fascinating that such a short-lived people would embark on a scheme that takes decades or centuries to bear fruit - keep the Githirmil from regressing, becoming plain orcs. This in an immortal's scheme, that of Gruumsh's under boss, a seemingly immortal Lith-Crillion, or Gruumsh himself

- Zaris, from the thirteen camp diaries - "Emperor's Gospel"

After being caught by Orchish counter-intelligence, Zaris and one other were charged as foreign agitators. Zaris, agent of the Ithengee Monarchy, was sent to Sagren. Always a hot-spot, in these hills she joined a unit of prisoners that worked as both laborers and soldiers. Part of Penal Battalion 321, she served as others of the unit, shock troops or baits to bring on conflict.

In the penal battalion, Zaris became part of a gang called the Crimson Eyes. As time went on, this gang became the units leaders. When they were freed for greater purpose, they became known as the adventuring group Crimson Eye.

On a mission to the Abyss, Bist, a lesser member of the company, murdered Zaris while she was pre-occupied by a mob of demons. Out of spite or an ill-fated joke, some members of Crimson Eye took it upon themselves to bury Zaris in the crypts of Norgtrum.

When the lich Drog'paagol learned that his protégé had been offed, he raised Zaris as an undead ghost. Zaris was tasked with the haunting of Norgtrum. After seven years of this, the bindings were broken, allowing Zaris to wander freely. Having turned a large number of Crimson Eye soldiers into undead, Zaris made her way east with her undead army, eventually joining the Toomrur Hegemony.

In the Toomrur Hegemony , she took the post Headmaster of Dy'tzor Goulmor. Under her guidance, the school became disciplined, enrollment expanded to outsiders, potential allies for the Toomrur Hegemony .