Class23rd wizard
RaceKriavian Elf (Ghost)
TitleHeadmaster of Dy'tzor Goulmor
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born3 Kindle 1734
Died29 Bloom 1805
Undead29 Saunas 1805

Zaris was a Council Member of Crimson Eye. She served in Penal Battalion 321 of the Orchish Empire for five years before she and other members of Crimson Eye won a pardon when they liberated Fort Hellstorm. As a member of Crimson Eye, Zaris served with distinction, yet fomented jealousy in the group with her growing might. On a mission to the Abyss, Bist, a lesser member of the group, murdered Zaris while she was in combat with a pact of demons.

Out of spite, some members of Crimson Eye took it upon themselves to bury Zaris in the ogre crypts of Norgtrum. When Drog'paagol learned that his protégé was murdered, he raised Zaris and set her to haunting Norgtrum for a period of seven years. After that time, she was free to leave the place. When Crimson Eye learned of Drog'paagol's doing, they toyed with the idea of attacking his base at Fort Hellstorm.

After the seven year period of haunting, Zaris was free to make her own destiny. Having turned a large number of Crimson Eye soldiers into undead followers, she made her way east with her undead army and joined the Ogre Union.

In the Ogre Union, she took the post Headmaster of Dy'tzor Goulmor. Under her guidance, the school has become disciplined and enrollment expanded to include peoples and groups who may be potential allies of the Ogre Union.