Giff Platform


The giff platform is a type of void merchant ship. They are one of the more common merchant ships used by void traveling peoples. They vary in size and price, but all are very large and crafted to a bestial appearance. Most have enormous legs shaped like some terrestrial beasts like elephants or rhinoceros. The deck rails, masts, and every other feature of the ship is ornate. The masonry work on giff platforms becomes more elaborate with time as the ship's master mason adds to the ship during each voyage, and if he dies, then another will continue the work and add his own personal touch.

Often times, the more ornately carved a ship, the higher rates it can charge. This is not because the captain is more honest, but because the ship's ornate workmanship indicates long service, and that it is a veteran of long voyages and survived the many dangers of traversing the Void.

Before each long voyage, giff priests of Ptah bid the ship a safe journey, and then priests of Atlas bless it with strength. This is now done with many other types of ships, and not just with the giff, but the tradition seems to have started with the crews of the giff platforms.

- Tang√Ľk, excerpt from his book - "Ships of the Third Epoch (Giff Platforms)"

The ship has a large open deck and one to two similar sized decks below it. Giff platforms have very large cargo areas and an open deck plan. They are made of stone and jurungen. This resource gives the ship a natural lift, which allows it be powered by much smaller engines than what would be required of ships this size. Most of the building of these ships comes from companies in the Giff League.

Newer giff platforms are powered by a sphere of arcane. Pre-1815 models normally have pump engines. The Giff League are moving away from pump engines because of their high maintenance expense.

Hit Points3,000
AC21 (+15 natural, -4 size)
Size200' - 300' long
Engineearly models have pump engines, while later models use a sphere of arcane
Speed30 knots
Cost800,000 - 1,200,000 GP
Notable Giff Platforms