Blutium Golem

Typearcane lore

A blutium golem is the apex of construct construction. They are made of expensive materials with the largest input being blutium; a very hard metal to forge and craft. Blutium golems have very high armor, very high health and fast, but do not hit as hard as an iron golem.

The first blutium golem was unnaturally made in Nelaryotar. This happened when an iron golem was smashed by something more powerful than it. This golem was reborn from the latent arcane energy that is everywhere in Nelaryotar, but instead of rising as another iron golem, it was reconstructed from blutium in the vicinity. Years later, this thing was captured by Gimir-Zarun and a dozen or so eldritch giants. They took the blutium golem back to Belêth-Kazîr and reverse engineered it. The process of making blutium golems was recorded and from want of gold or plundering it spread.

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