This section details acids, oils, and spirits. For prices and summary information, see liquid table.

The dwarves are notorious for their ales. The drinks can be toxic to the weak of constitution. Anvil is the strongest dwarven ale.
Bloody Resolve
Bloody Resolve is a common drink of the people of the Orchish Empire. This drink is brewed with the blood of animals, or more favorable with the blood of the orc's enemies. It is a bitter and foul smelling brew. Only the orcs and other humanoids have a taste for this alcoholic beverage.
The elves make the finest wines in the land, and Elverquiist is the best. The nobles and the more affluent members of society consume this wine at special events, or with their dinner.
Lethe Water
The green waters of the River Lethe (of Ellubôz) causes forgetfulness, just like the spell feeblemind. Devils are immune to this effect. A special dweomer preserving container is required if the water is taken from the River Lethe.
Ogre-Skin Anvil
Ogre-Skin Anvil is a powerful variety of Anvil soaked in the skin of a Toomrur ogre-magi. The effects typically turn the temperament of the imbiber to meanness and aggression. Council members, Junkel and Niras Fveer of Crimson Eye, Inc. developed this strong drink.

Sometimes the imbiber of this powerful spirit suffers temporary or even permanent blindness. Dwarves scoff as this perversion of their drink.

Sprite Juice
Sprites and other fey creatures produce this highly intoxicating wine. The effects are one of gayness and energy. Revelers consume the drink and party for long hours, then turning to deep slumbers.
Waters of Lake Cocytus
This liquid is found in Lake Cocytus (of Ellubôz). Consumption of this water causes temporal stasis unless a save vs. poison is made. A special dwemomer-preserving container is required if the water is taken from Lake Cocytus.