Typeacids, oils, and spirits

Acid - Category 1acid1 CP per ounce
Acid - Category 2acid1 SP per ounce
Acid - Category 3acid1 GP per ounce
Acid - Category 4acid5 GP per ounce
Aggorath Spittleoil4 GP per gallon
Anvilale5 GP per decanter
Bloody Resolveale1 GP per decanter
Englasmead3 GP per bottle
Elverquiistwine10 GP per bottle
Lethe Waterwater1,500 GP per ounce
Ogre-Skin Anvilale7 GP per decanter
Orul√Ľns Brewale10 SP per decanter
Rat Bloodale7 SP per decanter
Sprite Juicewine1 SP per decanter
Vermin Whiskyale5 CP per shot
Water of Lake Cocytuswater750 GP per ounce
Water of Styxwater450 GP per ounce