Class20th fighter
RaceHalf Fire Giant Toomrur
TitleCouncilor of Crimson Eye
Alignmentlawful evil
Born11 Bloom 1779

Drog was born to a captive Toomrur soldier. At the decision of the High Command Military Court, his mother was sentenced to death for war crimes. Drog still just a baby, now an orphan, was sent to an orphanage in Kotharlarg.

At Kotharlarg, Drog was raised in a Fograth Army Crèche along with other parent-less youth. By the age of 10, sporting a full red beard, he was nicknamed Firebeard. Distancing himself from his parents supposed "deep spy affair", he changed his last name to Firebeard.

Drog's intelligence and mechanical abilities led to study at the Military Engineering Insitute at Gháshulg. He didn't have a choice, it was what the Fograth needed, so he went. Considered behind the line stuff, he was not happy, yet excelled. When he went back to his regiment, he served with the engineers dealing with siege works, fortifications, and things of mechanical and ballistic nature.

In the army, Drog's heavy drinking led to him being busted down in rank three times. When he struck an officer, he was sent off to the penal battalions. He was assigned to Penal Battalion 321. In this military unit he met up with a group of individuals of bold ideas and like-minds. They adopted the symbol of a crimson eye on their cloaks, distinguishing themselves from the non-leaders of their unit. Of more use to the High Command, than carrying out their sentences, they were released early. When they left Penal Battalion 321, the Crimson Eyes became the adventuring group Crimson Eye.

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