The Twelve Tiers


Underneath Collossapolos is a vast labyrinth of chambers and passages called The Twelve Tiers. This area also contains the city's sewers which drain into the Underdark.

Most of The Twelve Tiers are unmapped. This is restriction imposed by the Orchish Empire law of Map Restrictions; a security measure in case some hostiles want to use the Underdark to attack the city.

There are twelve subterranean levels under Collossapolos. Most of these labyrinths and passages were expanded by Monty the Mad during his search for a powerful relic called Tiamats Spur.

The twelve levels under Collossapolos:

1The Rat Catacombs
2Ancient Shrine Of The Toad
3The Fungi Maze
4Hold Of The Dark Orbs
5Glow Bog
6The Gas Vaults
7The Boiling Lake
8The Deep Ones
9The Long Walks
10Worm Way
11Tentacle Ones