Branchard - Thingrorn

The Branchard hills are north of lake Thurveleg. They are pockmarked with both active and abandoned mines. Crimson Eye control the mines and patrols the hills. They have a cordon of heavily defended towers covering these hills, each named after former heroes and current Crimson Eye councilors.

Some of the more notable defensive works of the area are:

Hammer Head

This massive squat tower holds a Gnoll garrison called the Hammers of Tamlêrran. The tower was named after a giff admiral named Hammer Head. This figure was a mercenary for Crimson Eye, Inc. On a quest for Drog'paagol, Hammer Head journeyed with Crimson Eye into the lands of Igas and Anubeth. During this expedition, Hammer Head fell into a sand slide pit trap which dropped him into a lava pool. He might have survived the fiery dip, if it were not for the bundles of explosive ordinance on his body. The heat of the lava quickly set off the explosives, and obliterated all trace of a mighty Giff hero named Hammer Head.

Junkels Stand

The tower was named after council member Junkel. He frequently uses this place to hold private parties for the workers.

At the farthest tower of the frontier, Junkels Stand, the gnolls stood a lax guard aboard the Juggernaut.

All was not well, they heard how their leader Volt-Drague was mercilessly cut down by Nox. The same fate had befell brave Junkel while defending Grimrock. They took revenge for the death of their mighty leader, falling upon farmers and feasting on them that night. They razed all their homes then retreated to the old mines.

Several days later, they joined up with our enemies, the Toomrur of Norgtrum.

Mugruf, war band leader of the village Agamph, laughed at the group called Crimson Eye - "these city-folk are gonna learn that the hills are no place for the weak."

- Drog, Councilor of Crimson Eye, Inc., from a personal journal, - "Murder of Volt-Drague"

Pillar of Drog

The tallest watchtower of Branchard is the Pillar of Drog. The tower was named in tribute to council member Drog Firebeard. Atop the tower is the nest of his steed, a roc named "Tornado Wing".

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Notable Areas
  • Blutium Horn, mine
  • Diamond Pit, mine
  • Gold Sprite, mine
  • Khâs Descent - passage to Cthorgo
  • Iron Bed One, mine
  • Iron Bed Two, mine
  • Tin Fountain, mine