Niras Reev'f

Class22nd psionicist
Eye of the Court1834 - present
Councilor of Crimson Eye1788 - 1834
Ring of Limbgud1807 - present
Alignmentlawful evil
Born11 Saunas 1765

A son of Har'kish, Sarin F'veer's rise to power began with the diplomatic corps to the Orchish Empire. His true name Niras Reev'f, he quickly realized the power void available to him with his superior alien powers and intellect. Bal-Kriav with its rich magic and resources suited his purposes for grand visions of power and domination.

Sarin F'veer left the Har'kish on the urging of Emperor Blac'Drugulois. His identity and mind underwent psychic surgery, masking his whereabouts from his previous employers. His name was changed to Niras Reev'f.

Deeply religious to power. Money, weapons, magic, psionics, all living creatures are tools to accrue power. Trust without purpose is a weakness for exploiting.

The drug, oil, and mineral trade of Crimson Eye, Inc. is a useful enterprise to have the flexibility that is not existent in the military, while money and influence allows one to control military power.

- Niras Reev'f

His fellow council leaders of Crimson Eye, Inc. are viewed as pawns to be worked as tools and to aid him in his rise to power. Still highly xenophobic, he believes that his future lays in enslaving the planet as mind slaves.

In 1834, he joined the Court of One Hundred Eyes, serving as one of the top advisers to Monty the Mad.