A e r d r e s h

Typeaberrant sea serpent (Primordial)
BirthplaceSea of Entropy
Died22 Kindle 8625 DE

Hundreds of miles long, Aerdresh was a thing of the Sea of Entropy. She could breath in the water and survive in the vacuum of the Void. Her greatest weakness was outside either of these, staying out of the water or the coldness of space, she would began to suffocate. In the in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), the Primordial Lords liked to use her as a shuttle between worlds.

They went down her throat, into her body, passengers and their belongings, soldiers that would not be coming back. Instead of being put to military application, winning this war, Aerdresh was a luxury liner for the spheres.

She was extremely fast in the Void, and perhaps faster than any water elemental of the seas.

- Triton, from a piece of Coral Scratch in the Museum of Antiquities - "Aerdreshs Anquish"

Her last commander of the Creation War was Poseidon. Frustrated with his ceaseless work on his pet project, the Sea Titan Wall, she broke out with her army, heading south towards the deep ocean. East of what are known today as the Isles of Pipe Home she became stuck in what for her was shallow water, 70 to 100 feet. Waiting for the tide to change, she heard the drums of Poseidon's scouts. She writhed about in fear, killing thousands of soldiers still inside her long sinewy body. In the end she disgorged those inside her; who for the most part returned to the arms of Poseidon. With Aerdresh suffocating and stuck, Poseidon and his army went to work. Taking six hours, it took thousands, spread across three hundred miles of body to dispatch her. Her bones, still as hard as steel, were the beginnings of a great reef, the Teeth of Aerdresh.

During the high times of diving for Aerdresh's bones, the area of Pipe Home suffered a great plague. Fearing it was retribution of Aerdresh, the plague became known as the Wrath of Aerdresh.

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