Maidens of Poseidon

Typemagical construct
Locationvaries, Zhuts Explorers

The Maidens of Poseidon are magical constructs forged by Poseidon in a war where gods battled primordials for the power of Creation. In what became known as the Creation War, the Maidens of Poseidon guided or acted as captains for ships serving the armies of the primordials. These ships were needed to move supplies and ferry troops over vast oceans, taking them to whatever objective their Primordial Lords dictated. These Maidens of Poseidon saw service again in the Demon Spawn War. When one was found by the demons, it was typically put to use in the same way the primordials used them in navigating the oceans and adjacent coasts. When one was found by forces serving the Quara'tun Covenant (the armies of the angels), it was secured and taken to some vault.

This was done out of seeing that the benefits of using it were outweighed by potentially losing one to the demons - for a Maiden of Poseidon with "her" sea knowledge and navigation skills is such that one of these constructs can save a fleet from foundering in uncharted waters.

- Snaketongue, from his book the History of Zhut and Crew - "Maiden of the Sea Strider"

Maidens of Poseidon are spread all over the realm, with some active in the navies of empires, or in possession of some pirate leader, lost in the deeps of some ocean, in the treasure hoard of a monster or vault of some well-to-do noble. Each of these constructs has knowledge of one ocean. They know the safe navigation routes, most efficient times of travel, and other things that would require a lifetime of sailing a particular sea - and even then probably only know a chunk of it well, whereas a Maiden of Poseidon knows it all well. Poseidon made 56 of these constructs, with 27 of them still around and functional. Each of the Maidens of Poseidon are different in appearance, but all have one thing in common - they are made of coral and each were made to resemble a female merfolk that had once been part of Poseidon's harem. Some even believe that the spirit that powers the construct came from these slave concubines.

A Maiden of Poseidon is not a free-willed creature. It was built to serve as a navigator for a ship traveling around one particular ocean. It serves who ever takes control of it. As the need arises, such as signaling dangerous shoals, currents, or other seamanship the construct communicates telepathically to all on-board the ship. They have the battle skills of a stone golem, yet are no larger than a female merfolk and light and lithe of move.

Swim Masterythe Maiden swims as a tritoncontinuous
Superior Buildthe Maiden is treated as a stone golem with maximum hit pointscontinuous
Navigatorfor whatever ocean the Maiden is attuned to, a ship captain working with a Maiden of Poseidon has +20 on all seamanship skill checkscontinuous
Fire Controlfor the ship she is aboard, add +10 to-hit for all missile attacks for one round1/hour
Damage Controlfor all on the ship she is aboard, add +5 to saves dealing with fire and the ship takes 20% less damage from the fire attackcontinuous