Tilgas Umata


The sea cliffs of northwestern Izagunbar are called Tilgas Umata. They are the northern edge of the Jakorek mountains. It is an area of bad weather, taking the wrath of storms coming out of the Buccaneer Archipelago and the Salzârrâk sea. It is because of the stormy conditions, that dozens of shrines dot the cliffs, some large temples, all dedicated to the sea god Poseidon. The area also has a fair number of lookout towers serving the interests of Ivory Asylum.

Tilgas Umata's cliffs are sheer in many places, reaching a dizzying height of four miles in places. Places of safety, to ride out a storm, or to escape pursuers can be found here, but not so in the cliffs that descend deep into the waters below. In these sunken grottoes and sea caves, scrag and sahuagin battle over plentiful spoils, with ships blown into the Tilgas Umata's unforgiving walls, then pounded into the deeps by the Pearl's great waves.